9:30-10:30 am Beginners, Satsang Yoga, Westfield
11-12:15 pm Yoga and Movement, private studio, Westfield

7:00-8:00 pm Beginners, Satsang Yoga, Westfield

9-10:15 am Yoga and Movement, private studio, Westfield
1:30-2:15 pm Gentle Chair Yoga, Cranford Senior Center, Cranford (private group)

11:00-12:00 pm Beginners, Satsang Yoga, Westfield

9-10:15 am Yoga and Movement, private studio, Westfield

upcoming workshops

Love Your Low Back
October 7, 2017, 3–5pm Sunlight of the Spirit, Springfield, NJ

Whether you suffer from chronic low back pain or are hoping to avoid pain in the future, this workshop is for you. We'll explore the dynamic of the lumbar spine and how it connects down the kinetic chain through the hips, legs and feet, as well as up the kinetic chain through the thoracic spine, shoulders and neck. Through therapy ball self massage, lots of fun exploratory movement and yoga pose variations, you'll develop a better understanding of how strengths and weaknesses along that chain can impact mobility of the lumbar spine.  Walk away with lots of home practice tips and tricks to reduce pain, get stronger, more mobile and help you reclaim your movement!



Roll, Refresh, Restore: Neck + Shoulders
October 22, 2017, 1:30–3:30pm Satsang Yoga, Westfield, NJ

Join Jordana for two hours devoted entirely to helping you find more comfort, ease and mobility in your neck and shoulders. We'll move through a variety of practices including therapy ball self massage, mobility work, gentle strength training, active stretching and restorative yoga. If you often find yourself walking around with a literal pain in the neck, or can't shake that sense of tension in your shoulders, this workshop is for you! You'll leave with simple tools and techniques to empower you to move smarter and feel better. 


Yoga for Better Movement
October 29, 2017, 10–11:30am Active Life Fitness, Garwood, NJ

Join Jordana for a 2 hour workshop that will start you on the path to moving through life with more confidence and ease. We'll use a wide variety of fun and innovative exercises, yoga pose variations and therapy ball self massage techniques to help you better connect to the major movements available at your hips, shoulders and spine. You'll discover where you might be overusing and/or underusing certain tissues and movements which could be contributing to pain and/or injury. You'll walk away feeling more embodied, empowered and inspired to continue on the road to reclaiming your movement.