9:30-10:30 am Beginners, Satsang Yoga, Westfield
11-12:15 pm Yoga and Movement, private studio, Westfield

11:15-12:30 Gentle Yoga and Movement, private studio Westfield

9-10:15 am Yoga and Movement, private studio, Westfield
1:30-2:15 pm Gentle Chair Yoga, Cranford Senior Center, Cranford (private group)

1-2 pm Yoga and Movement, private studio Westfield

9-10:15 am Yoga and Movement, private studio, Westfield

upcoming workshops

Movement Clinic: Core Connection
Next series: Coming March 2019, $90

We'll work together as a very small group (3 students) in order to create a practice that is highly personalized, interactive, exploratory, fun and transformational. The first 3 week series will focus on the core/spine. This will include building strength, mobility, awareness, control and coordination throughout the core.

  • The objective is to help foster curiosity, inquiry and a desire to learn about your movement with the ultimate goal of feeling more embodied, empowered and confident.  

  • This will not be like a regular class format where I'm talking and you're doing-we will all be talking, sharing, discussing, asking questions, looking at each other's movement as a way to better understand our own-I envision it as a cross between a private and a workshop.

  • This is open to ALL levels of experience-in fact if you are new to a regular movement practice, this would be an amazing foundation to start from. And if you are more experienced it will be a great way to explore a deeper, more nuanced level of movement.



Strength Series
Thursdays: 1/24-2/21 @ 10:45 am, $90

This is NOT a yoga class…in the traditional sense. This class will introduce you to the concepts and techniques of strength training within a framework of body awareness and mindfulness. We’ll use a mix of bodyweight, resistance bands and dumbbells to add load and begin building strength through progressive overload. You’ll learn proper form, modifications and progressions/regressions to make sure each exercise works with your unique body and movement. Strength training is essential to bone health, tissue resiliency, easeful movement and body confidence.

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Strength Workshop
Sunday, February 24

In this 2 hour workshop, we'll break down the fundamental movement patterns needed for an effective, well rounded strength program, look at the different ways to add load and how to progress exercises over time. Email me to sign up. Space is limited to 5. SOLD OUT

  • Sunday, 2/24

  • 10am-12pm

  • $35