I love movement.
I love science.
I love helping people.

I've been fortunate to find a way to build my life's work around these three passions. And my approach is simple: move well, live well. 

I teach yoga and strength training classes, privates and workshops that are a unique blend of my studies in exercise science, biomechanics and somatics and reflect my innate and life long curiosity of the workings of the human body.

What can you expect when you practice with me? A radical new way of moving and understanding your body.

Through discovery and exploration of a unique blend of movement & breath practices, you will get to know your body in a way you never even realized was possible. You will learn to control and use your body however you choose; your body will no longer control you.

So what does all this mean? Very simply, when you are connected to how your body moves and discover what you're truly capable of, you are empowered to move through life with more confidence, ease and happiness.
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upcoming workshops & events

Wrists, Hands, Shoulders, oh my! Spring 2019

Yoga Playground (for adults!) Fall 2019

Breath Discovery Fall 2019



I have been doing yoga for about 15 years but not since coming to Jordana have I really learned about “yoga”! It’s way more than just traditional yoga poses….her style is so unique and her love of how and why the body moves shines though in every position she gently guides us through. I have become so much stronger, more confident and inexplicably happier coming to Jordana this past year. I am grateful every day. — Sue C

My journey with Jordana is like a flower in bloom. She is a strong, creative and inspirational woman. I have become physically stronger, more focused and self aware in my life and she has connected a group of women who truly enjoy the challenges and practicing together in the environment she created. — Cindy C

To a long term yogini and certified yoga instructor who has studied and practiced countless styles over as many years, Jordana's style of yoga is like nothing I'd ever seen.  Safety and utility are emphasized by building strength, body awareness, and mobility through her deliberate, precise, and accessible cues and individualized adjustments. Her creative and fun use of props further reinforces and enhances each new experience. Jordana's teachings are as functional to our every day lifestyle as they are a joy to anticipate. — Lori S

Practicing with Jordana has helped me tremendously in so many ways. I am stronger, more confident, more grounded and much more aware of the mind body connection. Jordana is so knowledgeable about the mechanics of how our bodies work and is patient and precise when teaching poses. Going to Jordana's classes is the favorite part of my week. — Jill C